April 18, 2022
I'm following up on my E-alert last week about the danger of nuclear war in Ukraine, which prompted Noam Chomsky to call this "the most dangerous point in human history."
On April 14, former US Ambassador to Russia and current CIA Director William Burns said that we can't take this danger lightly. And yesterday, as part of his Easter message, Pope Francis also warned of this as an existential threatTaken together, these are a strong wake-up call for humanity and our governments to take urgent action while there is still time.
CFPA webinars on March 20 and 27 featuring Amb. Tom Pickering, who the NY Times recently called the Dean of American Diplomats; and by nuclear weapon expert Dr. Stewart Prager, cited between a 1% and .25% chance that nuclear weapons could be used. Scroll down on this link to view Recordings of their talks. Both said that while that percent may seem small, it is far too high a risk when the survival of humanity is at stake.
My op-ed on De-Escalate NOW to Prevent Nuclear War in Ukraine was published on April 9 on NJ.com, New Jersey's largest online news site; and subsequently ran in The Star Ledger, New Jersey's largest newspaper. It has specific steps the US and NATO could take to effectively de-escalate and greatly reduce the potential mass extinction humanity would face if a nuclear war starts. 
As we continue to intensify our organizing in the face of the existential danger above, I urge you to click here or below to support our our intensified organizing with as generous a contribution as possible. If you prefer, postal mail a check to the address below my name. For tax deduction, make it payable to Peace Action Education Fund, or PAEF.  



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